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Address: 23No., Valinejad Street, Vanak  Square, Valiasr Street, Tehran, Iran

Welcom to Atieh Clinic:
The Atieh group was established in 2007 permits were issued by martyr Beheshti University of Medical Sciences. From the Start of working Atieh Gorup services is welcomed by the people was significant.

Atieh is an psychological Clinic with new psychometrical technologies which start to work from 2005 by Dr. Reza Rostami for researching on new psychological sciences. In 2006 first requirements purchased and was put into trial operation. By purchasing these equipments some professionals start to take courses for using them.The Atieh Group's research team consists of experts from top universities  inside and outside the country nobility was well versed in the sciences and the application started quickly.

The year 2009 was a promising new approach in the set of services that address the development process since the birth of infants.
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